I'm not Alice in the wonderland,I'm who in the Openland.

The very first time,u reply my words,

"luv u,too.I do happy for can be with you.Thank you for give us another chance."

Hey! Not just say thank u 2 me, not only me, I can't make it work without you.

Big bear, Big bear, be my sweet big bear!



I know you love ICE-COFFEE, how you chase the moon. 

I stick u like toffee, on a  sunny afternoon.

It  feel like  heaven, whenever I'm with you.


You mean the world to me,

You gave me wings and set me free, so free~

You're the sun light in my soul!

You lift me up high when I am low.




you alwasys smiles like flowers,every wehere we go.

All the things around us,turn out seen to glow.

You give me heaven,and I think that you should know.


It's purely amazing amazing,simply engaging,watching you smile

I can't live without you!

I want to hold you all the time.





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