Struggle in side, don't know why, It must becuase those things can't make me believe,

Bull shit, everything.



A SONG FROM "ONCE" : If you want me

 Are you reallly here, or am I dreaming?

I can't tell dream from truth

For it's been so long, Since I have seen you,

 I can't hardly remember your face anymore,

When I get pretty lonely

And the distance cause only silence I think of you smiling,

With pride in your eyes,Lover that sighs

If you want me, Satisfy me.

Are you really sure that you believe me,

When others say I lie?

 I wonder If you could ever despise me,

When you know I really tried, To be a better one,to satisfy you

For you're everything to me,

And I'll do what you ask me,

If you let me be free.

If you want me Satisfy me!


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