SUSAN BOYLE / Who I was born to be

我喜歡玩自己名字的文字遊戲,說的好像膩了,但還是不時的   自我感覺良好  的  把東西 亂串在一起。


即使不想再經歷悲傷,悲傷總是自己攀了上來;但還好     偶有甘霖 。

(喔 不是黃xx喔,A-LIN 謝妮唷~& 愛妮唷!!)

"And though I may not  know the answers"

YES! I can't never know the answer,and there is no script for me.










但我已不是女孩   我已嘗過失敗

經過這些歲月我終於明白    一切都會重新再來




如果這些問題   引領我到這裡

我終能回頭做        自己


我在這裡     敞開雙臂準備起行

全世界掌握在我手裡    現在該換我振翅展翼




有在夜間綻放的花朵      不怕讓光明進佔     坦然面對                      黑暗


When I was a child
I could see the wind in the trees
and I heard a song in the breeze
it was there, singing out my name

But I am not a girl
I have known the taste of defeat
and I have finally grown to believe
it will all came around again

And though I may not
know the answers
I can finally say I am free
And if the questions

led me here, then
I am who I was born to be

And so here am I
Open arms and ready to stand
I've got the world in my hands
And it feels like my turn to fly

When I was a child
there were flowers that
bloomed in the night
Unafraid to take in the light
Unashamed to have braved the dark

I am who I was born to be


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